Why Armored Vehicles?
A properly armored bulletproof vehicle can help you disarm potential terrorists, assination attempts and prevent kidnapping threats. Canus, Inc. will assist you with the conversion of a currently owned vehicle or with the purchase and customization of a new vehicle.

Ballistic armor:

Naturally, the element that renders an armored car to be ‘armored’ is the thick metal plating system that is installed onto the sub-frame of the car. This armoring feature, depending upon the thickness of the metal plates and the alloy used, has the ability to protect the passenger from anything ranging between .22 bullets to that of armor-piercing projectiles. In addition to this, floor plates are installed to protect the vehicle from detonation devices placed below the vehicle floor. The doors are sturdier, the brakes are very powerful and the suspension features are strengthened.

Armored tires:

Since, even a small nail can render an ordinary tire inoperable; armored vehicles make use of specialty tires called run-flat devices. These tires consist of an inner donut frame, comprised of both alloy and composite materials, which sits directly on the rim and within the tire. In the case of deflation, this inner donut allows the vehicle to travel as much as 60 miles at speeds up to 60 mph.

Bullet-resistant glass:

This armoring feature is also known as ‘transparent armor’ or ‘ballistic glass’ or ‘bulletproof glass’. While there isn’t a single glass in the world that can be rendered as completely bulletproof to any type of attack, ballistic glass is manufactured in varying thicknesses allowing it to be rated to withstand attacks from high-caliber assault rifles, sniper rifles and even heavier artillery such as RPGs.

Grill bumpers/guards:

In many instances, an attack may come in the form of one vehicle being used to ram another. In order to mitigate these types of risks, we can install grill and bumper guards that will both create additional reinforcement to the vehicles edges as well as protect key components behind the grill such as the radiator and engine assembly. Using this feature, the armored vehicle can also remove debris or vehicles that are blocking the road with a minimal hindrance to its speed, control and overall reliability.

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Used Armored Vehicles

Looking for something pre-owned or used? Our armored car company offers a full line of reconditioned armored vehicles that are affordable without compromising our standards of quality and safety. Talk to our experts about finding the perfect vehicle to fit your budget and armored needs.

Armored Exellence

We have the existing capability to engineer, design, build or modify tactical armored vehicles for any terrain/environment, and specialize in three categories of armored vehicles: armored personnel carriers, personal protection vehicles and Cash-in-Transit vehicles.